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Bloomington Vault

1831 or 1832     John Kimler family loses a child which they buried on the family farm.  After that, Kimler’s friends and neighbors requested to be buried in that same area as needed.

1851    Bloomington mayor, David I. Perry appoints a committee to purchase the Kimler Burying Ground in order to have a city cemetery.  Kimler Burying Ground became Bloomington City Cemetery.  (Also known as Old City Cemetery)

1852 – 1869    Acreage surrounding the cemetery was purchased to enlarge the Bloomington City Cemetery.

1857    Linus Graves, James Allin and others  purchase land adjacent to Bloomington City Cemetery to develop and create The Bloomington Cemetery as a for profit venture under a Board of Trustees called The Bloomington Cemetery Association.

After decades of prosperity, The Bloomington Cemetery Association eventually had inadequate revenues for the upkeep of The Bloomington Cemetery.  Sadly, there was great neglect for many years.

All the while, Bloomington City Cemetery was cared for by the Bloomington Parks Department.

1962    The City of Bloomington was petitioned demanding that action be taken to correct the deplorable conditions at Bloomington Cemetery.

1963    The City of Bloomington Township took title and responsibility for both Bloomington City Cemetery (Old City Cemetery) and The Bloomington Cemetery, joining them under the name of Evergreen Memorial Cemetery. The cemetery is overseen by a three member Board of Trustees.

1991    Crypts and a Niche wall were placed on the north side of the current mausoleum grounds  A South Crypt and Niche wall was added a   couple years later. At the time the South Crypts were added the original Chapel was constructed.

2007    After careful consideration and testing done by an environmental company it was decided by Board of Trustees to tear down old  chapel and reconstruct Chapel and Mausoleum grounds.

2009    Evergreen Memorial Cemetery Mausoleum Chapel and grounds was reconstructed. Single and companion niches were added.

2011    A new area was added to the Cemetery to provide for the burial of the community’s canine and feline companions.

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